Sunday, September 14, 2008

Job Interview Articles

The first article that I read had to deal with how to deal with lay offs. I liked this article because it made lay offs sound like a positive thing rather than a negative. It said that you should make sure that you do not lengthen the time that you worked at a place to compensate for the time that you were laid off. It also said that you should concentrate on what you did while you were laid off. This has never happened to me and I hope it doesn't but when it does, I will be better prepared for it having read this article.

The next article that I read was the one about how to deal with poor interviewers. The most helpful part of the article was it told how to buy "face time" with the interviewer. This meant that if the interview was running short you could tell him how you complement the job you are applying for and ask to take a tour of the place where you are working and be introduced to the people that you might be working with. This will come in handy when I get ready to apply for a job because most Ranch Managers are to the point and they might make the interviewing process a little shorter than expected.

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